23 Nov

Change in substantial holding

23-Mou-2021 15:42 MAOS #=Ret Management Li,ited P.1 NAOS ASSET MANAGEMENT UMITED AEN 23 107 624126 23 November 2021 The Manager Marloet Announcements Office ASX Umited By fax: 1300 136 638 Dear Sr/Madam, Ubiliacon LkridACN096 788 086(ASXUEn Ndosd d=ld -re-dabl ill hollmm6041 Level 34, MLC Centre 19 Martin Place Sydney NSW 2000 T (02) 90021576 F (02) 82150037 E enquiriesOnaos.com.au S www.[ 06.corn-au In accordance with section 671 B of the Corporations Act 2001 (Cth), please find attached a Form 604 in relation to shares in Urbanise.corn Umited ACN 095 768 086 (AS)(:UBN). lodged on behalf of NAOS Asset Management Umited and Related Parties. Yours faithfully, Sebastian Evans Director 23-Mou-2021 15:42 MAOS #=Ret Management Li,ited P.2 InCompar¥ Num,/Solleme ACN/ARSN Form 604 Corporatorm Aot X)01 8 ot1on 6718 Notice of change of Interests of substantial holder 1. Dahk of,ul,Ilint<.1 holdit,(1 ) Name Thili v,= a clumi In thi 1, rif d thi mubdintlil hold ron Ths previolm notioe was Oven to th, oomparV on Th. pliviall notl wl, dil 2 pri„*28=,dpiss.,tvoli,gpovm. Urbm,11=.oom Urrilt»,1 ( CUEN) 0% 768 086 NAOS SLE) rival Holder, rglerrid to In Ann [1!MA. 17/11/2021 7/10/2021 7/10/2021 page 1/2 16 JUY 2001 T h@ 18121 nlmber otvot= gli@chad to all th, vt YU ihar= In the compar¥ or vt YU Irtgregt In th, gcheme th it th, i lt,gt ria,1 hold,r o r an aggoclt» g) hid i MIvirt Irtiwit (3) In whin lit ricplld, ind whin riow r«Ili,d, 1n gNI i Iub irinil holdlre naljoi 1n #li oompirly or 1,7 IM I lollov"I Cli= of =11119, (4 Ordlriry Bi. 1 Chang= mrilavantli,fists PrevIolm najol P ,orm vah 8,928,579 Voang po*Ir ®) 12.29% Prmrit notli P.r,ort W- 7,922,216 Vajrg pow,r (6) 1406% Partoularn oreaoh ohang, In, orohetrp Inths ne[itre d, a relevitrtlrimreetdthe Sub rival holder oren masoolit» Invoting 10011111= ortheoompar¥ or El,Irr», IlrIDI thi I,bitirihl hold.r w.1. 1.*111.d to glw I Iubit ,tlil holdlr nfoo b th, oompir¥ or Iol,Im. .1. m. ibl10#E C*t» of challue P.Mon v,ho- Nian d orwrp ) relevant Irmled oirpd R,ir b A//m/ /. Con,Ill on C li= Ind gNin In 1,1 lon number d to o Wng• (7) I ourltil Breated 4 pr...It ril.„=Ill,*
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