VGI Partners Limited (ASX:VGI)

Robert Luciano
Exec Chairman
Market Cap (AUD): 267.92M
Sector: Financials
Last Trade (AUD): 3.75 -0.05 (-1.32%)
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1. About

VGI Partners Limited (ASX:VGI) is a high conviction global equity manager. VGI manages capital for high net worth individuals, family offices and VGI Partners Global Investments Limited (ASX:VG1). VGI Partners has a team of 28 investment and operations professionals based in Sydney, New York and Tokyo.

The VGI team focuses on businesses it understands and where they believe they possess insights not appreciated by the wider investment industry. Long term business success is achieved through operating where you have a competitive advantage. In the business of investing, competitive advantage is obtained through superior knowledge and analysis.

VGI believes that its long term investment horizon provides a competitive advantage in an investment world which is increasingly focused on the short term.

VGI invests in a relatively small number of high quality businesses. VGI believes that diversification preserves wealth, while concentration builds wealth. This is complemented with opportunistic short selling of low quality businesses that are typically structurally challenged, poorly managed and materially overvalued.

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