Vista Group International Limited (ASX:VGL)

Kimbal Riley
Market Cap (AUD): 415.08M
Sector: Information Technology
Last Trade (AUD): 1.78 +0 (+0%)
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Vista Entertainment Solutions (‘Vista Cinema’) is the core and founding business of Vista Group (ASX:VGL) offering a broad cinema management software suite. Veezi, is Vista’s SaaS solution for small cinema management; both serve the cinema exhibition sector. Together, movieXchange, Maccs, MOVIO, Numero, Cinema Intelligence, POWSTER and FLICKS are a complementary Group offers that extend Vista’s reach beyond exhibition to include other film industry sectors – production and distribution – through to the ultimate customer – the moviegoer.

Vista Cinema

Vista Entertainment Solutions (‘Vista Cinema’), the founding business of the Group, is a total cinema management solution for cinema exhibitors in the Large Circuit Market. More


Veezi also offers cinema management software; designed and developed specifically for the Small Circuit Market, this cloud-based SaaS product is fully configurable to suit the needs of its users. More


Cloud-based Big Data technologist Movio is the global leader in marketing data analytics and campaign management software for cinema exhibitors, film distributors, and studios. More


Maccs designs and develops film distribution software for film studios and distributors. A multiple-module offer covering theatrical distribution, movie prints, advertising and rights and royalties’ management. More

Cinema Intelligence

Cinema Intelligence is the first collection of business intelligence solutions aimed at cinema exhibitors, designed to optimise forecasting, planning, and scheduling of movies. More


POWSTER is a creative and innovation studio based in London. POWSTER provides creative services to the film and music industry creating products to help engage users with entertainment content. More


Numero provides an aggregated Box Office reporting platform, giving film studios, distributors and cinema exhibitors clean, fast, effective information. Numero is built off the Big Data technology of Movio. More


MovieXchange (‘MX’) is Vista’s global platform that streamlines the exchange and distribution of movie media, tickets and showtimes. More


Flicks is the most authoritative guide for cinemas across New Zealand, Australia, and South Africa. For over 1 million monthly moviegoers, Flicks features every screening from cinemas nationwide. Flicks also builds state of the art, simple to use cinema websites. More

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