Volpara Health Technologies Limited (ASX:VHT)

Ralph Highnam
Market Cap (AUD): 237.63M
Sector: Health Care
Last Trade (AUD): 0.91 -0.03 (-3.7%)
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1. About

Volpara Health Technologies Limited (ASX:VHT) is a health technology software company with clinically validated, AI-powered software for the personalized screening and early detection of breast cancer.

VHTs clinical functions for screening clinics provide feedback on breast density, compression, dose, and quality, while its enterprise-wide practice-management software helps with productivity, compliance, reimbursement, and patient tracking.

VHTs technology and services have been used by customers and/or research projects in 39 countries and are supported by numerous patents, trademarks, and regulatory clearances, including FDA clearance and CE marking. 

Since listing on the ASX in April 2016, Volpara has made two significant acquisitions:

  • MRS Systems, Inc. (patient tracking software)
  • CRA Health, LLC (risk and genetics software)


The Company was founded in 2009 on research originally conducted at Oxford University and is based in Wellington, New Zealand.

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