WAM Strategic Value Limited (ASX:WAR)

Geoff Wilson
Market Cap (AUD): 220.5M
Sector: Financials
Last Trade (AUD): 1.22 -0.01 (-0.41%)
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1. About

WAM Strategic Value Limited (ASX:WAR) will take advantage of market mis-pricing opportunities, including securities trading at discounts to net tangible assets (NTA), corporate transactions and dividend yield arbitrages

Through WAM's experience and expertise in managing closed-end vehicles it has developed a methodology to identify and benefit from LIC and LIT market mis-pricing including engaging proactively with boards, management teams, investors and other stakeholders. 

This primary focus will be complemented by other market mis-pricing opportunities such as takeovers or capital raisings, where it is able to utilise its position as an institutional investor responsible for large amounts of shareholder capital.

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