Wellfully Limited (ASX:WFL)

Paul Peros
Market Cap (AUD): 14.34M
Sector: Health Care
Last Trade (AUD): 0.054 +0 (+1.89%)
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1. About

Wellfully (ASX:WFL), previously OBJ Limited (ASX:OBJ), is a fully integrated, science-based wellness company.

In addition to its own-brand, RDUIT, the Company also offers a portfolio of proprietary technologies and supports partners by providing IP-protected market exclusivity, expertise in magnetic array design, feasibility and efficacy, and claims testing, engineering and production. Wellfullys established operations via its wholly-owned business units are:

  • The Innovation & R&D unit provides technology to the other business units of the Company, as well as licensing and development services to international partners.
  • The Design & Technology and Supply-Chain hub in Dongguan, China has the ability to rapidly develop and industrialise the Companys technologies and innovations in an agile, efficient, secure and cost-effective manner.
  • The Digital Communications and Marketing & Sales units are focused on supporting Wellfullys own consumer brands.
  • BodyGuard is the Companys therapeutic unit and develops advanced direct to site of injury patch products for the wellness and pain management sectors. This technology also has applications across supplement, healthcare, and musculoskeletal sectors.

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