X2M Connect Limited (ASX:X2M)

Mohan Jesudason
Market Cap (AUD): 11.96M
Sector: Information Technology
Last Trade (AUD): 0.099 +0 (+0%)
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1. About

X2M Connect Limited (ASX:X2M) operates in the utility space in the Asia Pacific region. X2M has more than 100,000 devices connected to its IoT platform and distributed intelligence solution generating real-time information and control to over 30 customers in many countries and operating over multiple radio technologies. The Company deploys solutions in the following arenas:

Gas monitoring and control

  • Residential gas meters (mains and bottled gas) including billing data, pressure measurement, remote valve control, meter parameter setting, leak detection, earthquake detection, pressure alerts
  • Grid pressure station including pressure measurement and alerting, event and fire alerts


Water monitoring and control

  • Residential water meters including billing data, remote valve control, meter parameter setting, leak detection, reverse flow detection, overflow alerts
  • Distribution water meters including billing, meter parameter setting, block management, leak detection


Electricity Grid Management

  • Management of microgrids including feeder control, battery/inverter control, solar and diesel power generation
  • Poletop grid control


Energy Optimisation

  • Optimisation of energy distribution across gas, electricity and hot water supplies through distributed intelligence

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