Xref Limited (ASX:XF1)

Lee-Martin Seymour
Market Cap (AUD): 70.75M
Sector: Information Technology
Last Trade (AUD): 0.365 +0 (+0%)
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1. About

Xref Limited (ASX:XF1) owns and operates a reference checking and identity verification platform that empowers organisations worldwide to make great people decisions.

Xref's fully automated online reference checking platform allows employers to request one or multiple references in minutes and receive fast, honest feedback within 24 hours. Xref also enables employers to know who a candidate really is with RapidID, Xref's biometric identity verification solution.

Xref is the reference checking platform of choice globally.

The Company understands the talent and human resources markets and is currently working with some of the largest organisations in the world to develop new products that will provide unique employment insights. 

In the future, Xref plans to extend its platform across the full hire to retire journey, dramatically increasing its addressable market and allowing organisations to reap the benefits of Xref across their businesses.

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