XPON Technologies Group Limited (ASX:XPN)

Matt Forman
Group MD & CEO
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Sector: Unclassified
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1. About

Xpon Technologies Group Limited (ASX:XPN) provides corporate and mid-tier enterprises in Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom and Europe with cloud based marketing technology (MarTech) solutions.

The Group operates through two business units:

Xpon Technologies

Helps customers modernise their marketing and customer experience technologies through:

  • Big Data Analytics, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence;
  • Supporting cloud infrastructure and technologies;
  • Deployment and management of MarTech and advertising technologies (AdTech);
  • Building and modernising customer facing applications (apps) and digital products.


Xpon Platforms 

Helps businesses commercialise its two proprietary technology platforms:

  • The Wondaris Customer Data Platform that centralises customer and marketing data, leveraging Artificial Intelligence for automated advertising activation;
  • The Holoscribe Extended Reality (XR) platform for quickly and easily publishing XR and 360-degree content in any supported channel.


Key verticals the Group serves include retail, financial services, media & entertainment, and travel. The benefits to customers include less complexity, increased lifetime value of their customers, reduced cost per sale, greater automation, reduced time to extract value, and the ability to leverage integrated, intelligent, real-time and immersive customer-facing solutions.

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