Accentuate Limited (JSE:ACE)

Fred Platt
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1. About

Accéntuate (JSE:ACE) is a group of companies involved in the water treatment, chemical blending, industrial and commercial cleaning and metal treatment sectors, as well as the flooring market. Accéntuate is a truly South African company, partnered with local and international leaders in their field, and in this way is able to fulfil the mandate of consciously supporting economic transformation in the country.

Water Treatment

ION Exchange Safic. Specialists in all forms of water and waste water treatment and management. The businesses range of products include water, waste water treatment and recycling plants using various physio-chemical processes for settling, clarification, filtration, disinfection, membranes and ion exchange technology, ion exchange resins; polyelectrolytes for water and non-water processes; boiler, cooling water and fireside treatment chemicals. The business also offers technical services such as project management at site, design, erection and commissioning, operation and maintenance of plant and supply of spares.

Chemical Blending

Safic. The leading local manufacturer and supplier of cleaning and maintenance chemicals, equipment and consumables as well as water technology and specialist product solutions. These are supplied to all major market segments throughout the Southern African region.

Flooring Solutions

FloorworX. The only manufacturer in South Africa who produces semi-flexible vinyl tiles and fully-flexible vinyl sheeting and tiles. The businesses locally manufactured products are SANS mark-bearing. FloorworX distributes a comprehensive range of internationally renowned resilient floor coverings, wood laminates, luxury vinyl planks and engineered wooden floors.

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