Acsion Limited (JSE:ACS)

Kiriakos Anastasiadis
Market Cap (AUD): 1.98B
Sector: Financials
Last Trade (AUD): 5.01 +0 (+0%)
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1. About

Acsion Limited (JSE:ACS) is a highly experienced, specialist property developer and property holding company.

All properties held by Acsion have been internally developed. This portfolio of six well-established, strategically located properties includes two regional shopping centres. Acsion leverages the stable income stream and balance sheet strength provided by the existing portfolio to obtain funding for the development of its pipeline of high-growth development prospects. Through its development activities, Acsion is able to unlock development profits and thereafter generate annuity income and further capital growth for its shareholders through the active and continued management of its developed property portfolio for rental income.

Although the current portfolio is predominantly retail focused, it is defensive in nature and spread across the country. It is expected that the development pipeline will over time diversify the portfolio into specialist residential, specialist office and specialist industrial sectors. Development opportunities are being explored abroad and will be in partnership with reputable, experienced parties in Southern Africa and South Eastern Europe and will support further geographic diversification.

National tenants make up 83% of the current portfolio by revenue, providing a stable income stream and balance sheet strength which allows Acsion to pursue high-growth development opportunities whilst maintaining prudent gearing ratios and capital buffers. A large, defined development pipeline of seven opportunities has been secured in South Africa. An undefined pipeline of approximately 20-30 development opportunities are continuously being evaluated and are at various stages of commitment.

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