Afrocentric Investment Corp (JSE:ACT)

Ahmed Banderker
Group CEO
Market Cap (AUD): 2.94B
Sector: Health Care
Last Trade (AUD): 5.13 +0.03 (+0.59%)
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1. About

AfroCentric Investment Corp (JSE:ACT) is a majority black-owned holding company providing services and products to the healthcare sector. The Group was founded in 2008 on the core philosophy of promoting transformation and empowerment.

What we do

Through the company's operating subsidiaries, AfroCentric increases access to sustainable, affordable and quality healthcare by providing health administration, health risk management and a range of complementary solutions across the healthcare value chain to its medical scheme clients and their members. A primary lever in the company's strategy is to reduce the cost of healthcare by eliminating inefficiency throughout the healthcare value chain.

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