Roy Douglas
Group CEO
Market Cap (AUD): 9.65B
Sector: Consumer Services
Last Trade (AUD): 17.41 +0 (+0%)
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1. About

ADvTECH (JSE:ADH) is South Africa’s largest private education provider and a continent leader in quality education, training, skills development and placement. This is achieved through its three business divisions schools, tertiary and resourcing, all of which are underpinned by the group's purpose and values.

Academic Excellence

Academic excellence is the heart of the business and is core to its strategy. It is also one of the key differentiating factors that enables the group to continue growing market share, despite the increase of new entrants into the education sector.

The dedicated central academic team supports learners, students, teachers and lecturers in differentiated brands that live out their own unique identities. This has been a key factor in enabling the group to remain at the forefront of private education in the basic, higher and tertiary education sectors, as parents opt for its tailored offering.

Delivering on academic excellence is an important part of the group strategy, and the academic strategy is key to the schools and tertiary divisions.


The brands under the ADvTECH umbrella operate independently while being fully supported by the group. This enables each brand to focus on its offerings and value propositions such as a unique ethos, products and student learning experience, tailored to the specific target audience, community and market. The range of brands and their niche positioning enables the group to provide quality education to specific markets.

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