African Equity Empowerment Investments (JSE:AEE)

Valentine Colleta Dzvova
Market Cap (AUD): 319.17M
Sector: Financials
Last Trade (AUD): 0.69 +0 (+0%)
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1. About

African Equity Empowerment Investments (JSE:AEE) is a black-owned and black-controlled investment holding company situated in Southern Africa. AEEI's main objective is to empower previously disadvantaged individuals through job creation and maximizing shareholder wealth generation by making strategic investments.

Portfolio Overview

Premier Fishing and Brands Limited

Premier Fishing and Brands Limited (JSE:PFB) listed on the JSE in March 2017. Premier Fishing SA (Pty) Ltd, a division of Premier Fishing and Brands, is the largest 100% black-owned fishing company in South Africa.

The Premier Group holds medium- to long-term fishing rights in west coast rock lobster, south coast rock lobster, small palegics, hake deep-sea trawl, hake longline and squid. The Premier Group owns an abalone farm and also invests in organic agriculture and processes wild abalone.


AYO Technology Solutions Ltd (JSE:AYO) is a leading B-BBEE ICT company. AYO assists organisations to reach new heights by enriching their processes and developing industry disruptor technology solutions that enable them to be market leaders in the digitally transformed economies that they operate in.

The AYO Group consists of a number of technology companies that offer ICT services and solutions to clients that participate in a range of industries that are best served by technology that enables them to be efficient in their key capabilities. The companies are leaders in their respective niche markets, with solid client bases and have achieved high levels of sustained organic growth.

AYO, through its divisions, subsidiaries and partners, provides solutions to both the public and private sectors in South Africa and abroad, with its private sector client base comprising mostly blue-chip multinationals. The AYO Group maintains strong relationships and holds key value-added reseller or supplier agreements with principals such as Nokia Siemens Networks South Africa (Pty) Ltd, InterSystems Corporation, Cisco Systems, Microsoft Corporation, IBM and Riverbed Technology Inc., which provide the Group with continuous access to the latest technology.

The AYO Group has a strategic relationship with BT Communications Services South Africa (Pty) Ltd (BT).

Events and Tourism

This division features a cutting-edge global competitive company in events management and travel solutions.

Over the past decade, the events company staged international music festivals throughout Africa and under the Cape Town International Jazz Festival brand. The festival has been named the fourth – best jazz festival worldwide. In 2016, it was voted one of the World’s Best Festivals by FEST  300 and voted the Best Festival in Cape Town in the OFLOCAL 2015 poll. Included in this division is a travel and tourism company and a medium wave commercial music radio station.

Health and Beauty

This division manufactures, sells and markets an extensive range of natural products for the food, agriculture, hygiene and general health sectors, and imports and distributes four cosmetic brands from Europe.


This division researches and develops biopharmaceuticals and biosimilars for commercialisation, and healthcare applications for the production of biopharmaceutical products.

Strategic Investments

The Group’s strategic investments consist of stakes in Saab Grintek Defence (Saab), BT Communications Services South Africa (Pty) Ltd (BT) and Sygnia Ltd.

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