Alexander Forbes Group Holdings Limited (JSE:AFH)

Dawie de Villiers
Market Cap (AUD): 5.67B
Sector: Financials
Last Trade (AUD): 4.15 -0.04 (-0.95%)
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1. About

Alexander Forbes (JSE:AFH) is a diversified financial services organisation providing a broad range of employee benefits, consulting (including healthcare), investment management, insurance and wealth management solutions to both corporate clients and individual customers to create, grow and protect their wealth and assets, helping them secure a lifetime of financial well-being and security.

Alexander Forbes clients span both the private and public sector market segments on the institutional side, and individual members. The group's principal geographic focus is South Africa (where it has been operating since 1935) sub-Saharan Africa and the Channel Islands.

What the Group does

For 85 years the Alexander Forbes brand has been synonymous with financial expertise and innovative, yet reliable, solutions. The group has built its premium brand through an in-depth understanding of the employee benefit and investment industry and has provided innovative solutions to its clients, making it a trusted adviser and partner of choice. The group creates value for its clients by ensuring they and their financial needs are at the centre of everything it does. The group provides advice, products and solutions that meet the needs of its clients through its client-centric operating model.

Alexander Forbes employees are dedicated to delivering outstanding employee benefit, investment and administrative solutions and services for institutional clients, and securing the financial well-being of individual clients.

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