AH-Vest Limited (JSE:AHL)

Marci Pather
Market Cap (AUD): 52.04M
Sector: Consumer Goods
Last Trade (AUD): 0.51 +0 (+0%)
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1. About

AH-Vest Limited (JSE:AHL), formerly All Joy Foods, has grown from humble beginnings in a factory in Newtown, Johannesburg, to be the second largest producer of tomato sauce and other value added products in South Africa.

Creator and founder, Marci Pather, a food technologist by profession and training, believed in providing all South Africans with a quality, but affordable tomato sauce, a luxury he and his family did not have in his household. This belief resulted in the company, which came in response to excessive and escalating food prices. All Joy Foods Ltd began producing condiments and food dressings, primarily for the catering and hotel industries.

All Joy believes that its employees are the backbone of its success. The group is committed to a policy of providing equal employment opportunities to all employees as well as the upliftment of disadvantaged employees; and thus we maintain a healthy "Broad Economic Empowerment" status.

Stringent quality control procedures are implemented at every stage of production and monitored by All Joy's in house laboratories. On arrival at the factory raw materials are inspected to insure that the highest quality is maintained throughout the production process. The group also conforms to internationally accepted standards of packaging and labeling, food addictives are declared as "E" numbers and all nutritional information, expiry dates and ingredients are listed.

Value and Quality

Mr Pather attributes All Joy's success with retailers to a pricing policy built on four factors:

  • a brand that can grow in its product category
  • is perceived to offer value for money
  • can generate satisfactory gross profits and
  • help maintain the retailer's competitiveness

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