African and Overseas Enterprises - N Shares (JSE:AON)

Marcel Golding
Market Cap (AUD): 102.22M
Sector: Consumer Services
Last Trade (AUD): 10 +0 (+0%)
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1. About

African and Overseas Enterprises Limited - N Shares (JSE:AON) are non-voting shares in African and Overseas Enterprises.

African and Overseas Enterprises is an investment holding company. The company owns a controlling interest in Rex Trueform and its group which has interests in the retailing of fashion apparel, property and water infrastructure sectors.

African and Overseas Enterprises owns Rex Trueform Group ordinary shares (JSE:RTO) and Rex Trueform Group non-voting ordinary shares (JSE:RTN). The combined effect of these shareholdings gives the company an economic interest of approximately 55% in Rex Trueform.

African and Overseas Enterprises has been listed on the JSE since 1948.

Information on the company's voting shares may be found at African and Overseas Enterprises Limited (JSE:AOO).

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