Bid Corporation Limited (JSE:BID)

Bernard Berson
Market Cap (AUD): 110.76B
Sector: Consumer Services
Last Trade (AUD): 331.53 +0 (+0%)
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1. About

Bidcorp (JSE:BID) is an international broad-line foodservice group. The business comprises a mix of well-established leading and rapidly growing market positions. The profile of the customer base is strategically targeted to fully service the foodservice industry’s needs. The business operates across 4 geographic regions:

United Kingdom

United Kingdom is a market-leading foodservice and product distributor serving customers in the hospitality, institutional, catering and retail sectors in the UK and Ireland. Foodservice UK is a leading foodservice distributor and preferred supply partner for over 60 000 customers across the UK, providing every food option from quality ingredients to finished meals, including a number of own brand ranges. Fresh supply national and independent customers within the catering industry with fresh ingredients including fish, seafood, meat, produce, dairy products and ambient goods, offering direct delivery of all ingredients to customers’ kitchens, with product freshness preserved through delivery in temperature-controlled vehicles. Logistics provides alternative multi-temperature services to meet the varying needs of our ever growing and diverse customer base. More


Reaching over 10 countries across Europe, Bidcorp businesses comprise leading foodservice distributors of prestigious brands. Supplying premium brands across a wide range of product lines, and a significant presence of own brand manufacturing and distribution, Bidcorp in Europe is the leading foodservice distributor to the Horeca sector. Bidcorp has a world-class service offering and a diverse product range that meets the needs of its vast customer base. Its innovations in product and menu development, allows Bidcorp to live up to its reputation of delivering smart solutions from a responsive foodservice partner, thereby creating opportunities to add value for both customer and supplier. More


Operating in Australia and New Zealand our businesses offer a full end-to-end national distribution service. Australia and New Zealand offer customers the industry’s most comprehensive range, wide market coverage, economies of scale and one-stop solutions. The division is an innovator and leads its industry in the development of e-commerce solutions. Sustained investment in training and technology ensure high levels of service efficiency, quality and accreditation. More

Emerging Markets

With geographic footprint over four continents, this division includes Bidcorp operations in Africa, South America, Asia and the Middle East. African operations manufacture and distribute meat, poultry, dairy and general food ingredients as well as baking ingredients and equipment and a multi-temperature foodservice offering of a full range of ambient, chilled and frozen food products. Asia and the Middle East distribute high-end speciality products into the western styled food market with supply exclusivity in many global brands. South America sources and distributes frozen, chilled and ambient local product into the independent street market across both Chile and Brazil. More

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