Bytes Technology Group (JSE:BYI)

Neil Murphy
Market Cap (AUD): 20.33B
Sector: Technology
Last Trade (AUD): 82.34 -2.49 (-3.02%)
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1. About

Bytes Technology Group (JSE:BYI) provides world class IT solutions & services, offering software, hardware and cloud services.

The Bytes Technology Group comprises two leading brands:

Bytes Software Services (BSS)

Bytes Software Services' customer base is made up of both private sector customers and public sector customers

Phoenix Software

Phoenix's focus is almost exclusively on public sector customers.

Byte's people are passionate, knowledgeable and customer focussed. They provide support to CIOs and IT departments of large enterprises, public sector organisations and commercial businesses to help them maximise productivity, achieve digital transformation and realise the value of their IT systems and platforms.

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