Capital Appreciation Limited (JSE:CTA)

Michael Pimstein
Joint CEO
Market Cap (AUD): 2.19B
Sector: Technology
Last Trade (AUD): 1.61 -0.06 (-3.59%)
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1. About

Capital Appreciation Limited (JSE:CTA) is a financial technology company that seeks to serve or partner with established and emerging financial institutions and other large corporates. Capprec is focused on investing in and growing businesses that deliver compelling, innovative and disruptive solutions to our Financial Institution and other clients, allowing them to develop and introduce new products, deliver value to their customers, improve efficiency and control, and eliminate unnecessary operating costs.

Capprec's portfolio consists of:

Payments & Payment Infrastructure

Payments & Payment Infrastructure businesses innovate, develop, manage and promote payment product and payment infrastructure solutions for established and emerging institutional clients and other organisations that need to receive or make payments or deliver incremental value to end customers in a retail environment.

African Resonance

African Resonance is a leading provider of payment infrastructure and related services to established financial institutions, emerging payment service providers, the hospitality industry and retail operators.


Dashpay operates within the South African national payments infrastructure, continually broadening its market reach, while concurrently establishing and securing the transaction capacity of its technology platforms. Dashpay services are ideally suited to serving the rapidly changing needs for secure payment systems, and financial management across Africa.

Software & Services


Synthesis is a strategic technology partner and highly specialised software and systems developer. Synthesis provides consulting, integration services and technology-based product solutions to banking, financial services, retail and healthcare sectors in South Africa and other emerging markets. Synthesis has been a South African pioneer in cloud digital solutions, regulatory technology, payments and cryptography, and managed services with recent extensions into training and the data/Artificial Intelligence (AI)/Machine Learning (ML) space.

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