Deutsche Konsum REIT-AG (JSE:DKR)

Rolf Elgeti
Market Cap (AUD): 853.59M
Sector: Financials
Last Trade (AUD): 24.28 +0 (+0%)
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1. About

Deutsche Konsum REIT-AG (JSE:DKR) is building and managing a portfolio of retail real estate assets focused on regional areas and medium-sized cities across Germany.


The objective of the company is to generate constant, sustainable and profitable revenue growth through acquisition and ongoing investment in its real estate portfolio combined with strategic asset and portfolio management. 

The REIT is focused on regional areas and medium-sized cities across Germany. In this respect, Deutsche Konsum aims to benefit from lower market prices and less volatility than in major cities and metropolitan areas. In addition, management expect less competition in these locations compared to cities, and therefore higher initial yields.

At the same time, the current investor-friendly financing environment will be used to generate additional value.

A professional asset and portfolio management strategy has a value-adding impact and is aimed at building long-term tenant relations and a sustainable increase in property values.

The combination of low operating expenses and a simple company structure as well as the advantages of the REIT characteristics, result in attractive and sustainable payments to investors.

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