Deneb Investments Limited (JSE:DNB)

Stuart Queen
Market Cap (AUD): 984.55M
Sector: Financials
Last Trade (AUD): 2.26 +0 (+0%)
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1. About

Deneb Investments Limited (JSE:DNB) is a diverse investment company operating in Southern Africa. The Group's various investments are clustered into the following segments:


Vega Group Properties owns and manages a portfolio of industrial and commercial properties situated in KwaZuluNatal and the Western Cape with a market value in excess of R1,4 billion.

Branded Product Distribution

This segment is responsible for the sourcing and distribution of branded products. The businesses operating in this segment include Prima Toys, New Just Fun, Prima Interactive, Empire Stationery, HTIC, Oops, Seartec, OfficeBox and Clever Little Monkey. These enterprises supply and distribute an extensive selection of prestigious brands predominantly to the South African consumer.


Manufacturers of a wide variety of mainly industrial products for the mining, agricultural, construction, automotive, medical, hospitality and retail markets. The businesses operating in this segment are Blue Reef Water Solutions, Brits Nonwoven, Custom Extrusion, Formex Industries, Gold Reef Speciality Chemicals, Integrated Polypropylene Products, Premier Rainwatergoods and Romatex Home Textiles.

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