E Media Holdings Limited (JSE:EMH)

Khalik Sherrif
Market Cap (AUD): 274.38M
Sector: Consumer Services
Last Trade (AUD): 4.3 +0 (+0%)
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1. About

E Media Holdings Limited (JSE:EMH) owns 67.7% of E Media Investments Proprietary Limited (eMedia Investments) – a South African media group with holdings in a variety of broadcasting, content and production businesses. The other major shareholder in eMedia Investments is a subsidiary of Remgro Limited (JSE:REM).

eMedia Holdings comprises some of the leading media companies in South Africa. The Group has a controlling stake in all its key entities. Interests include investments in the broadcasting, content creation, property and facilities sectors.

Companies owned by the group fall into three categories:


Broadcasting companies include two of South Africa’s best-known television channels, e.tv and eNCA. In 2013 e.tv launched its free DTH multi-channel offering, OpenView HD through its sister company Platco. Broadcast companies also include YFM and Open News.


Content companies produce and acquire content to license and sell to third parties. The group's content companies have carved niches for themselves in the content environment and specialise in providing the highest quality content in their respective fields.

Properties and Facilities

eMedia Holdings holds a number of property assets across South Africa, which are predominantly occupied by companies within the Group. Services offered by this segment include broadcast and television studios, post-production facilities, equipment rental and sales.

Information on the company's non-voting shares may be found at eMedia Holdings Limited (JSE:EMN).

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