Etion Limited (JSE:ETO)

Teddy Daka
Group CEO
Market Cap (AUD): 293.49M
Sector: Technology
Last Trade (AUD): 0.51 -0.01 (-1.92%)
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1. About

Etion Limited (JSE:ETO) is an eco-system of technologically driven business units all committed to one purpose – to create and provide integrated digital technology solutions that will propel humanity forward.

The rush to digitization, to real-time monitoring of systems and environments, to analytics and unlocking the value in “big data” has taken firm hold in South Africa, and around the world. As a fast growing African technology company, Etion leverages its own and partner IP to develop, produce, distribute and integrate bespoke and standard technology products and solutions aimed at improving connectivity, safety and productivity and cyber security for its customers.

Etion operates four business units:

Etion Create

Etion Create (formerly Parsec) specialises in the design, manufacturing, integration and support of advanced technology and is one of the world’s leading Original Design Manufacturing companies.

Our ability to create customised electronic subsystems and products for clients across a range of sectors including Mining & Industrial, Defence & Aerospace (COTS Products), IoT & Sensors and Cyber Security, sets us apart. 

Etion Digitise

Through Ansys Rail and its Safety and Productivity Solutions business, Etion Digitse has grown into a world-class digital solutions provider, offering unparalleled services across many sectors including rail, mining, oil & gas, energy and retail.

Its digital systems are built to improve the overall safety and productivity of every client, no matter how big or small. Whether it’s through the development and integration of sensors that collect important data for customers to study to improve inefficiencies, or to track assets.

Etion Connect

Etion Connect, formerly known as Tedaka Network Solutions, provides the hardware that enables its customers to provide connectivity solutions to the market. Connectivity is about laying more fibre in the ground to support wireless networks that are strong enough to support hungry applications like paperless classrooms, digitisation of healthcare, connected township entrepreneurs, video streamers, financial services and many other industries to enhance economic activity.

Etion Connect is the end-to-end trusted partner for solutions for all network connectivity issues. Etion Connect offers a complete solution, delivering reliable connectivity solutions across telecommunications, communication, network infrastructure, power solutions, data centres, network monitoring, support and maintenance.

Etion Secure

Etion has been operating in the cyber security market since 2007, developing world-class high end security network encryption products for the digital world. Whether it’s securing identity documents, protecting companies, keeping passwords private, or supporting the communities around it.

The acquisition of LAWtrust gave Etion an even better offering. For more than a decade, LAWtrust has established itself as the trusted expert and authority in digital security solutions. As South Africa’s leading security integrator, the business has nurtured business relationships with over 1000 clients, including the country’s top four banks and insurance companies. Etion is proud to add LAWtrust into its solution offering to help it become Africa’s leading trust centre, security integrator and security solutions developer.

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