Famous Brands Limited (JSE:FBR)

Darren Paul Hele
Market Cap (AUD): 5.88B
Sector: Consumer Services
Last Trade (AUD): 58.7 +0 (+0%)
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1. About

Famous Brands Limited (JSE:FBR) is a branded food services business operating franchised, master license and Company-owned restaurants. The Group's vertically integrated business model comprises three pillars:

  • Brands
  • Manufacturing
  • Logistics


The Brands portfolio consists of a number of restaurant brands, represented by a network of restaurants across SA, the rest of Africa, the Middle East and the UK. The portfolio is segmented into Leading brands and Signature brands:

Leading Brands

The Leading brands portfolio is segmented into Quick Service and Casual Dining brands:

  • The group's Leading Quick Service brands are those that prioritise take away and delivery offerings. While these restaurants offer limited sit-down options, there focus is on quick service. The portfolio offers a wide range of menu options including burgers, pizza, chicken, fish and desserts. Brands include Steers, Debonairs Pizza, Fishaways and Milky Lane.
  • The group's Leading Casual Dining restaurants brands are those that offer patrons a full-service, sit-down experience. The menu offering consists of casual breakfasts, light meals and evening dining. Brands include Mugg & Bean, Wimpy and Fego Caffe.


Signature Brands

Signature Brands are the group's niche offerings. These brands offer a simple way of providing a personalised dining experiences. Certain Signature brands are JV partnerships that develop and incubate innovative ideas to be nurtured into fully fledged brands. Brands include Mythos, Lupa Osteria, Turn 'n Tender Steakhouse, Salsa Mexican Grill, PAUL, Vovo Telo, Europa, House of Coffees, Coffee Couture and NetCafe.

Other brands include Mr Biggs, Aqua Monte (bottled water), Balitmore (bespoke ice cream), Trufruit (premium fruit juice).

The group's integrated supply chain consists of Manufacturing and Logistics operations which support the Brands business in SA and selected markets in the rest of Africa.



The franchise network and selected food services and retail customers consume the group's range of manufactured licensed products. The operation comprises wholly owned and joint venture businesses. The group has 12 manufacturing facilities to service its partners including:

  • a juice plant in KwaZulu-Natal;
  • a meat plant and potato products plant in the Western Cape;
  • a bakery, meat, serviette, sauce and spice, coffee and ice cream plants in Gauteng; and
  • a cheese plant in the Eastern Cape.



The Logistics operation is the group's route-to-market, delivering a basket of products to the franchise network. These products cater for brand-specific menus. Ten distribution centres support the Logistics operation in South Africa.

These divisions are supported by a range of central services including shared facilities, human resources and information technology. In addition, a core of corporate services supports the entire organization.

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