Freedom Property Fund Limited (JSE:FDP)

Stephen Maritz
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Sector: Financials
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1. About

Freedom Property Fund Limited (JSE:FDP) is a capital growth fund with a diverse portfolio of strategically acquired properties across all primary sectors of the industry, namely commercial, industrial and predominantly residential.

Unique business model

Although initiated as a capital growth fund, Freedom has a distinctive long-term design which will ensure that shareholders obtain optimal value.

The design is that the capital growth component will later be coupled with an income annuity, thereby converting Freedom from a capital growth fund to a Real Estate Investment Trust (“REIT”) structure, which will be a feature unique to Freedom.

The highly experienced management team has strategically developed a geographically diversified pipeline of proposed acquisitions that will add to its value. In so doing the team believes that the portfolio value has the potential to experience strong capital growth.

Vital operational facilitators:

  • Experienced internalised Management Committee.
  • Internalisation of all asset-related processes including acquisition and development, and management and oversight.
  • Maintenance of strategic alliances.

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