Finbond Group Limited (JSE:FGL)

Dr Willem van Aardt
Market Cap (AUD): 435.96M
Sector: Financials
Last Trade (AUD): 0.5 +0.02 (+4.17%)
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1. About

Finbond Group Limited (JSE:FGL) is a leading North-American and South African Financial Services institution that specializes in the design and delivery of unique value and solution based savings, credit and insurance solutions tailored around depositor and borrower requirements rather than institutionalized policies and practices. Finbond conducts its business through two divisions:

Micro Credit Products

Micro Credit Products are offered to the under-banked and underserved market actively seeking credit solutions but remaining largely unattended and underserviced due to the traditional banks’ concentration on the higher income brackets of the population.

In South Africa Finbond operates through 343 branches. As part of the group's client-centric focus, branches are located to ensure its distribution channels reflect the demographics of Finbond clients. In the United States of America and Canada Finbond has 245 stores.

Investment and Savings Products

Investment and Savings products that offer an above average rate of return, are available nationally to investors and pensioners looking for guaranteed higher fixed income in the current environment of depressed yields. Finbond’s strategy is to stimulate savings through offering superior investment and savings solutions by providing client shareholders with better interest rates, better products and better service.  

Finbond’s management team have a long and successful track record within the banking, micro finance and financial services sectors. This, combined with well-developed systems, unique branded product offerings, advanced information technology and a well-trained staff compliment, provide Finbond with a sound platform for future growth.

Finbond commenced trading in 2003, was listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange in 2007 and received its Mutual Banking license from the South African Reserve Bank in 2012 and expanded operations to the USA and Canada in 2016.

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