Fairvest Property Holdings (JSE:FVT)

Darren Wilder
Market Cap (AUD): 2.15B
Sector: Financials
Last Trade (AUD): 2.05 +0 (+0%)
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Fairvest Property Holdings Limited (JSE:FVT) is a South African Real Estate Investment Trust (“REIT”) with a unique focus on retail assets weighted toward non-metropolitan and rural shopping centers, as well as convenience and community shopping centres servicing the lower living standard measure (“LSM”) market, in high-growth nodes, close to commuter networks. 

The Fairvest property portfolio contains more than 40 properties and is predominantly focused in the retail sector (95%), with selective exposure to office properties (5%). The portfolio is well diversified across South Africa, with the four largest provinces, Gauteng, KwaZulu-Natal, Western Cape and Free State contributing over 75% of revenue. The high national tenant component of approximately 75% of the portfolio provides shareholders with a low risk investment profile, with national food retailers occupying more than 30% of the portfolio by Gross Lettable Area (“GLA”).

The company strives to be a dynamic REIT investing in quality retail assets with sustainable income streams. It strives to be the landlord of choice, treating tenants with respect and understanding. Fairvest aims to create an autonomous work environment that is conducive to self-management, innovative thinking, efficiency and growth, whilst being cognisant of encouraging fun.

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