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1. About

Group Five Limited (JSE:GRF) is a leading African construction, concessions and manufacturing group with the ability to deliver across the full infrastructure life cycle. The group has structured its operations across three business clusters. When combined, these deliver multiple profit streams from a single contract:

Investments and Concessions

Investments and Concessions comprises Infrastructure and G5 Properties and Concession Operations. It operates in South Africa and Europe.

Concession Operations

This business has a portfolio of transport concessions under the Intertoll brand. Intertoll develops, invests in and operates toll motorways through regional businesses in South Africa, Zimbabwe, Hungary and Poland. Infrastructure Developments is actively working on expanding its existing concessions portfolio to include into other sectors - public buildings and power concessions.

G5 Properties

The business focuses on the development of A-grade property assets in South Africa and Selected Sub-Saharan African countries. Its portfolio of high quality assets has been growing steadily and comprises a mix of medium and long term investments.


Manufacturing is comprised of Fibre Cement and Steel. It supplies product into Southern Africa including South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Lesotho, Swaziland, Zimbabwe Angola and Malawi. Its modular structures travel further afield and include West and Central Africa.

Fibre Cement

Fibre Cement operates under the business of Everite and the brand Nutec. Everite manufactures a range of building material suitable for residential and industrial applications. Primary product offering includes, ceiling boards, internal and external cladding boards, fascia boards and embossed building planks, barge boards and a range of pipe products and building columns


The business operates out of a large factory in Klipriver, South of Johannesburg with an installed fibre cement production capacity of 20 million m2. All products have been produced using non-asbestos fibres since 2002 and many new products are continually developed to suit changing market needs for internal and external cladding material.

Everite was one of the early pioneers of steel framed structures and wall sections in South Africa. These structures consume large quantities of fibre cement and as the market has developed, Everite has created a focused business entity called ABT (Advanced Building Technologies) in order to meet the demand for fast build high quality modular structures.


Steel operates under the joint ventures of Barnes Reinforcing Industries and Group Five Pipe. The cluster manufactures coated and lined large bore steel water pipes as well as a range of reinforcing steel products. Primary product offering includes reinforcing steel bars (rebar), welded building mesh, binding wire and brick force, large bore spirally welded coated and lined steel pipes.

Engineering and Construction

Engineering and Construction (E+C) offers a stand-alone, sector-focused business that provides clients with a single, coordinated solution on technology rich, and multi-disciplinary contracts and provides plant maintenance and shutdown services.

Building and Housing

The Building division includes education and healthcare facilities, public buildings and infrastructure, large commercial and residential complexes, retail shopping centres and Industrial premises

The Housing division includes large-scale residential and building contracts for the mining and industrial sectors, corporate and private/public sector housing developments and low-cost and affordable housing schemes

Civil Engineering

This division undertakes a broad range of heavy civil, infrastructure, roads and earthworks contracts for both public and private clients. The business has an established local and international footprint and is recognised as one of the leading South African firms in marine construction and water treatment structures. 

Engineering Projects

This division carries out structural, mechanical, electrical instrumentation, and piping (SMEIP) contractor works. It is a total plant builder, with specialist skills, including co-ordination and management of site wide services, logistics and construction, the supply and installation of structural steelwork and plate work for mining, industrial and power plants, the installation and commissioning of heavy mechanical and electrical equipment, such as mills, crushers, furnaces, refrigeration plant, transformers, generators, vessels, towers etc, rigging studies and heavy lifts, fabrication, supply and installation of high and low pressure piping systems for the mining, power, industrial and petrochemical industries, electrical Instrumentation and control installations and high and Low voltage reticulation (overhead and underground), including substations.

Nuclear Construction Services

This division is a dedicated nuclear industry standards unit, focused on qualifying and partnering the group in the nuclear construction and manufacturing sectors and ensuring the compliant delivery of its services. The division plays a key role of “bridging the nuclear construction gap” by providing development, engineering, and procurement and construction management services. It facilitates the sourcing and delivery of nuclear construction projects to customers expectations and regulatory requirements.


Group Five Power provides a full turnkey EPC offering of contracting services primarily to the Power Sector within South Africa and Sub-Sahara Africa. This business is ISO 18001, ISO 14001 andISO 9001/2000 certified.

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