Huge Group Limited (JSE:HUG)

James Herbst
Market Cap (AUD): 605.72M
Sector: Telecommunications
Last Trade (AUD): 3.5 +0 (+0%)
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1. About

Huge Group Limited (JSE:HUG) began as a consolidation between corporate telecommunications giants TelePassport and Centracell to form Huge Telecom in 2007, and has since evolved into a formidable diversified investment holdings group. Huge Group is focused on unlocking opportunities in South Africa through strategic acquisitions.

Huge Group currently operates five businesses:

Huge Connect

Provides value-added data services using GSM-based cellular data networks for business-to-business and machine-to-machine applications.

Huge Networks

Provides customers with a complete solution to their current and future data, internet, communications and private network needs.

Huge Software

Provides customers with a fully integrated online accounting solution suitable for small, medium and large businesses, as well as a mobile application.

Huge Telecom

Provides a GSM-based wireless full suite telephony service that gives customers a replacement for their traditional “telco” fixedline voice infrastructure.


Distributes Panasonic voice, video and CCTV products offering innovative solutions, insights into cutting-edge developments and deliver advanced telecommunications services.

Huge Group listed on the JSE's Alt-X board in August 2007, and moved to the Main Board in 2016.

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