Hulisani Limited (JSE:HUL)

Marubini Raphulu
Market Cap (AUD): 295M
Sector: Financials
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1. About

Hulisani Limited (JSE:HUL) is one of the largest investors in clean energy projects on the African continent. The company's projects, which include both renewable and conventional energy, have delivered consistently profitable returns over the long term.

The company's projects currently include the Rustmo1 Solar Farm, the Kouga Wind Farm, the Avon and Dedisa Peaking Power plants, GRI Wind Steel and uMhlaba.

With Sustainability, Consistency and Growth at the heart of its business, Hulisani is a leading, long-term energy investor and innovator in emerging markets. Hulisani is well positioned to take advantage of the anticipated growth across all renewable energy categories, supported by positive Government policy and the African Continental Free Trade Agreement (AfCFTA).

The Board and experienced executive team of Hulisani adds value to the companies in which it invests by offering strategic insight and active involvement in the management of portfolio companies to enhance returns for its stakeholders. Hulisani partners with reputable and like-minded companies and invests where it believes the team can add value to maximise potential upside. Its investment assets, projects pipeline and potential transactions are diversified and designed to consistently deliver returns 6% to 8% above CPI.

The company is currently focused on assets in South Africa, where it continues to build on its reputation for reliability, credibility and innovation. At this point it is seeking to grow its shareholding in existing operations to consolidate its foundation and growth.

Expansion into Sub-Saharan Africa is the logical next step, where it will consider opportunities in assets already in operation as well as developing those that are ready for bid.

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