Imbalie Beauty Limited (JSE:ILE)

Esna Colyn
Market Cap (AUD): 27.68M
Sector: Consumer Goods
Last Trade (AUD): 0.02 +0 (+0%)
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1. About

Imbalie Beauty Limited (JSE:ILE) is a leading and desirable beauty and wellness solutions group in South Africa. Its focus is primarily on the development, growth and innovation of its own skin care product brands and treatments through the following franchise salon chains: Placecol Skin Care Clinics, Perfect 10 and Dream Nails Beauty Salons.

The Group’s skin care brands are available to consumers in its own salon footprint, large retail groups, pharmacies, independent salon outlets and on various on-line platforms. At Imbalie Beauty the group is on a continuous journey to innovate, offer better marketing, pricing and support structures to its franchise partners. Despite having brands and franchises that are both well-established and recognised in South Africa, Imbalie Beauty is acutely aware that its business journey towards success and sustainability is ongoing.

Vision and Mission

To be the leading and most desirable beauty and wellness solutions group, nationally and internationally, Imbalie Beauty has identified the following business goals or objectives:

  • to expand the support structure for franchise partners to ensure their sustainability and profitability;
  • to attract and retain world-class managers, beauty therapists, nail technicians and hair stylists throughout the Imbalie Beauty group; and
  • to consistently introduce innovative beauty products and services. All of these have been developed in line with Imbalie Beauty’s mission of making a positive change in the world through improvement and empowerment, and by increasing the esteem of all. 

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