ISA Holdings Limited (JSE:ISA)

Clifford Katz
Market Cap (AUD): 184.24M
Sector: Technology
Last Trade (AUD): 1.08 +0 (+0%)
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1. About

ISA Holdings Limited (JSE:ISA) is one of the leading Managed Security Solution providers on the African continent. ISA’s core competencies revolve around working with its customers to discover, design, deliver, deploy and manage their bespoke ICT security infrastructure, which could encompass a broad range of technologies and brands marketed in the global arena. 

Key drivers for the ICT security industry

Information and device protection (“keeping the bad guys out”)

The principle driver for the ICT security industry relates to the continuously evolving threat landscape facing companies, as hackers use increasingly sophisticated methods to tamper with or acquire sensitive information from corporate networks, or disrupt their operations. The level of persistence, deception and skill used by these perpetrators cannot be underestimated and is often the cause of severe damage to their targets. In response, the ICT security industry is continuously improving its offerings to mitigate these threats.

Business enablement (“letting the good guys in”)

The ICT security industry is at the epicentre of this commercial revolution, as it is fundamentally involved with the process of assuring business that their online initiatives do not circumvent their implicit need for confidentiality, integrity and the operational availability of their systems. 

Security administration and management (“keeping it all together”)

Another key driver of the ICT security market is the trend by larger organisations to delegate the highly technical aspects of security infrastructure administration, monitoring and maintenance to specialised Managed Security Services providers. Managed Security Services providers have the appropriate technical environment and scale to manage this process for their customers and to deliver a consistent level of service governed by purpose-built Service Level and Confidentiality Agreements. 

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