Kap Industrial Holdings Limited (JSE:KAP)

Gary Chaplin
Market Cap (AUD): 10.96B
Sector: Industrials
Last Trade (AUD): 4.36 +0.04 (+0.93%)
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1. About

KAP Industrial Holdings Limited (JSE:KAP) is a diversified industrial group consisting of industrial, chemical and logistics businesses.

KAP's purpose is to establish and grow market-leading businesses that add value to society. The group achieves this by identifying sectors that have growth opportunities, developing strategies to establish leadership positions in those sectors, selecting leadership teams to implement the strategies, allocating capital to ensure optimal returns, and providing appropriate centralised services.

Diversified Industrial businesses

PG Bison

Integrated Timber. Integrated forestry and timber manufacturing operations with primary and secondary upgrading processes


Automotive Components. Manufactures vehicle retail accessories and components used in new vehicle assembly


Integrated Bedding Manufactures foam, fabrics, springs, bases and branded mattresses

Diversified chemical


Polymers Manufactures polyethylene terephthalate (‘PET’), high-density polyethylene (‘HDPE’) and polypropylene (‘PP’)

Diversified logistics


Contractual Logistics – South Africa. Provides supply chain solutions to clients in South Africa

Contractual Logistics – Africa Provides integrated supply chain solutions to clients in subSaharan African countries

Passenger Transport - Provides personnel, commuter, intercity and tourism transport services

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