Kore Potash Plc (JSE:KP2)

Brad Sampson
Market Cap (AUD): 889.25M
Sector: Basic Materials
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1. About

Kore Potash Plc (JSE:KP2) is an advanced stage mineral exploration and development company working to bring a number of globally significant potash deposits into production.

Through the development of the Sintoukola potash basin in the Republic of Congo (RoC), Kore Potash is focused on two high-grade projects: Kola and DX.

The Company aims to move quickly to cash generation from the DX project, which has a modest capital cost and planned production of 400,000 tonnes per annum of Muriate of Potash and its adjacent potash projects provide the potential for long-term potash production district from the area. Kola is scheduled to follow DX in the Company’s development strategy, with a planned production of 2.2 million tonnes per annum of Muriate of Potash over 33 year life.

Kore’s projects aim to be among the world’s lowest-cost potash producers due to their favourable location, large size, very high-grade and shallow depth of the deposits.

The Company’s major shareholders include the Sovereign Wealth Fund of Oman (SGRF) and global lithium and potash producer, Sociedad Química y Minera de Chile (SQM). The projects are well supported by the government of the RoC with whom Kore has an excellent relationship.

Kore Potash Plc is incorporated in England and Wales and listed on AIM, a market operated by the London Stock Exchange, the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) and the JSE Limited (JSE) in South Africa.

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