Marshall Monteagle PLC (JSE:MMP)

Rory Kerr
Market Cap (AUD): 892.49M
Sector: Industrials
Last Trade (AUD): 24.89 +0 (+0%)
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1. About

Marshall Monteagle PLC (JSE:MMP) is a diversified investment holding company. The company provides procurement, logistics and trading in various hard and soft commodities, industrial raw materials, consumer food and non-food products. Other non-operational investments include Commercial & Industrial Properties and listed equities.

Import and Distribution

The group's Import and Distribution businesses in food and household consumer products provide procurement, supply chain and risk management services to multiple retailers, wholesalers and manufacturers throughout Southern and Central Africa and South America. 

Monteagle is a key part of the Import and Distribution business and is a fully-integrated trading, logistics and trade finance business. The company’s global network of offices is complimented by dedicated producers of quality raw materials, skilled technologists and first world production facilities. This is supported by well managed shipping, warehousing and distribution systems.

Property Portfolio

Rental income is derived from a large multi-tenanted industrial property in San Diego, USA. The Group also has a South African commercial and light industrial property portfolio.

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