PBT Group Limited (JSE:PBG)

Elizna Read
Market Cap (AUD): 773.18M
Sector: Technology
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PBT Group Limited (JSE:PBG) is a professional services provider to large national and international clients focused on transforming data into a tangible asset. PBT Group provides an end-to-end data services and solutions offering, including Data Strategy, Data Engineering, Data Visualisation, Data Analytics, as well as Application Development.

Technological integration is a key enabler in providing clients with custommade services or solutions in support of their organisational objectives. As a technology agnostic Data and Analytics specialist organisation, PBT Group is best positioned to optimise companies’ data platforms without allowing product or technology to limit their options.

PBT Group provides solutions across most aspects relating to data through the following service areas:

Advisory & Strategic

PBT Group’s principal Data & Analytics consultants have 10 or more years of experience in the data world. This collective experience is complemented by strong Data Governance & Management frameworks that are specifically aimed at dealing with the enterprise complexity of the modern data environment. PBT Group can perform a readiness assessment of the client’s data journey and consult on modernisation initiatives, assist in the development and implementation of a data strategy, and advise on any associated cloud-based approaches and supporting technologies required.

Data Engineering

PBT Group has extensive experience across multiple industries and technologies, implementing successful data pipelines and solutions that span across Data Lakes, Operational Data Stores, Data Warehouses, Advanced Analytics, Data Science, Big Data, Data Visualisation, Cloud and DataOps. The Group’s Data Engineers are well equipped to utilise modern data processing techniques such as data streaming, data wrangling, data vaults etc. Furthermore, PBT Group can provide Cloud-based services and consulting for most of the major cloud vendors.

Data Analytics and Visualisation

Analytics and Visualisation are mainstream consumer areas of stored/prepared data. Data can be consumed either from the raw Data Lake, or from some prepared, modelled data area. The PBT Group experts are well versed in the methods of consuming and analysing large data sets, for e.g. Data Science, or more traditional Analytics outputs like dashboards, reports, and self-help slice-and-dice front ends. The Group’s Data Visualisation Engineers are familiar with many of the Visualisation tools available and provide significant value add in all aspects of analysis, user experience, data insights and in telling a data story.

Artificial Intelligence

In the business world, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is an emerging reality. Its adoption is tightly linked to business maturity. AI is commonly defined as the area of computer science that emphasises the creation of intelligent machines that work and react like humans. As an extension of its Data Engineering and Advanced Analytics competencies, PBT Group has expanded its service offering into areas of Data Science and AI.

Application Development

The PBT Group Application Development competency assists organisations to deliver custom applications that focus on system integration, software, web, database, collaboration, business process management and mobile app development. The PBT Group team has been fundamental in the creation/enhancement of a mobile banking app used by millions of banking clients.

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