Primeserv Group Limited (JSE:PMV)

Merrick Abel
Market Cap (AUD): 144.26M
Sector: Industrials
Last Trade (AUD): 1.2 +0 (+0%)
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1. About

Primeserv Group Limited (JSE:PMV) is an investment holding company that, through its national operations, provides market-leading Integrated Business Support Services designed to enhance the capabilities, productivity and performance of its clients.

Primeserv's focus is on innovative staffing and recruitment services, functional outsourcing services, productivity services and solutions, and training and consulting services. Its customised offering:

• Is aligned to its clients’ needs
• Optimises their required human capital base
• Enhances the capabilities of their organisations
• Delivers economically measurable value-added services
• Directly impacts on productivity and performance
• Allows clients to focus on their business objectives

The value Primeserv adds to its clients is driven by its deep understanding of both their businesses and the complexities of human capital management. Within this context, Primserv strives to develop and deliver cutting-edge systems and procedures that enable it to deliver optimal levels of service. The basis of its services offering is the group's proprietary INTHRGRATE™ model, which is used to guide and support a holistic approach to human capital management and to determine the correct portfolio of services for each client. INTHRGRATE™ takes into account the client’s business strategy, objectives and structure to develop a customised, effective solution for each organisation.

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