PSG Group Limited (JSE:PSG)

Piet Mouton
Market Cap (AUD): 19.11B
Sector: Financials
Last Trade (AUD): 84.97 -0.63 (-0.74%)
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1. About

PSG Group Limited (JSE:PSG) is an investment holding company consisting of underlying investments that operate across a diverse range of industries including banking, education, financial services and food and related business, as well as early-stage investments in selected growth sectors.

Investment Strategy and Philosophy

  • Companies with uncomplicated business models operating in industries with attractive growth prospects and led by talented, hard-working and passionate people.
  • PSG believes in co-investing with management – management as owners are generally focused and dedicated to continuously grow their businesses.
  • A culture of good corporate governance is instilled at board level and is applicable to the entire organisation. It remains a cornerstone of the way PSG does business. Good corporate governance is not necessarily represented by set rules, policies or codes, committees or meetings. It is rather relevant, transparent, timely, accurate and succinct information provided to those charged with oversight who, by their nature, are trustworthy and ambitious to act in the best interests of the company.
  • PSG are long-term strategic investors with no predefined exit strategy.
  • PSG adds value by challenging management to innovate and grow their businesses, both organically and by means of acquisitions. PSG provides funding when needed.
  • A company can only grow when its customer base increases. A focus on client satisfaction thus remains vitally important for PSGs continued success.
  • Funding remains critically important and integral to what PSG does.

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