PSV Holdings Limited (JSE:PSV)

Dzunisani Aldworth Mbalati
Exec Chairman
Market Cap (AUD): 32.72M
Sector: Industrials
Last Trade (AUD): 0.08 +0 (+0%)
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1. About

PSV Holdings Limited (JSE:PSV) is an industrial holding company focused on the provision of steel, stainless steel, industrial supplies, specialised control valves, engineering linings, cryogenic equipment and storage tankers as well as technology to the mining, water, waste water management, health care, infrastructure and manufacturing sectors in South Africa and Africa.

PSV operates three divisions:

Omnirapid Mining & Industrial Supplies

Omnirapid is a supplier of mining and industrial consumables, such as piping, fittings, flanges, steel in all grades of material and a full range of Diaval Diaphragm Valves straight through and Wier as well as the Geomet Knife Gate Valves. It supplies its products and services locally and has an export arm that supplies to Zambia, Zimbabwe, Ghana and Mali.

African Cryogenics


Cryoshield supplies designs and manufacture prototype process control equipment to the South African gas industry. Cryoshield has the capability to manufacture large capacity, new generation, cryogenic freezing equipment. This requires specialised fabricating techniques in stainless steel. From vacuum furnaces, working +2500 °C to low temperature systems, working at -270 °C. Crysohield offers turn-key electro-mechanical projects to research and development departments of major South African companies.

Rand Air and Gas

Rand Air and Gas Installations designs and produces storage vessels for the cryogenic industry using highly specialised technology. Their product range includes large bulk storage vessels, rigid and semi trailer tankers, vacuum insulated piping and a full range of vaporisers (ambient, steam and force draught), ranging from low pressure to 480 bar.

In addition Rand Air & Gas offer a full repair service and complete refurbishment of storage vessels, road tankers, pumping stations and vaporizers. Their cryogenic containers and liquid cylinders meet or exceed most worldwide specifications.

Engineered Linings

Engineered Linings focuses on the supply and installation of geosynthetic lining systems used for the containment of liquids and waste, environmental protection and concrete corrosion protection. Typical applications are found in the lining of landfill cells, leachate and wastewater treatment ponds, lining and rehabilitation of potable water reservoirs, floating cover reservoirs, dams, tunnels, etc. The largest market sector remains the mining industry.

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