RH Bophelo Limited (JSE:RHB)

Quinton Zunga
Market Cap (AUD): 258.77M
Sector: Financials
Last Trade (AUD): 4 +0 (+0%)
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1. About

RH Bophelo Limited (JSE:RHB) is a healthcare investment vehicle that aims to produce superior returns, whilst contributing to socio-economic value creation and development of Africa.

RH Bophelo is building an ecosystem of networked investments focused on the healthcare and financial services sectors. This investment network includes infrastructure and related access products that compliment RH Bophelo’s value chain and expands RH Bophelo’s reach and footprint to its target market (being the lower and middle-income earners and working uninsured). Creating a successful healthcare investment ecosystem is achieved through investing in innovative access products and builds on strategic partnerships in order to leverage growth.

RH Bophelo Limited (RH Bophelo) listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE) in July 2017 as a SPAC raising in excess of R500 million to provide the initial capital required to start operating.

The listing opened doors for the general public to acquire shares in a fully black-owned and entirely African investment company that offers growth and immediate returns in a defensive asset class.

The Directors and the management team have significant experience in the healthcare sector and are well-positioned in the market to implement the Company’s strategy and vision.

The Company’s strategy is to identify strategic investment opportunities in the healthcare industry while also creating an ecosystem designed to optimise synergies that deliver value to South Africans in the lower to middle-income brackets.

RH Bophelo has made nine acquisitions since its inception in 2017, giving the Company access to 665 beds, 8 hospitals within four provinces, a nursing college, emergency services, pharmacy, complete facilities management, hospital management, healthcare insurance and emergency administration services.

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