Rex Trueform Group - N Shares (JSE:RTN)

Catherine Lloyd
Market Cap (AUD): 232.16M
Sector: Consumer Services
Last Trade (AUD): 12.95 +0 (+0%)
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Rex Trueform Group - N Shares (JSE:RTN) are non-voting shares in Rex Trueform Group.

Rex Trueform Group was established in Cape Town in 1937 and has been listed on the JSE since 1945. The company has interests in the retailing of fashion apparel, property and water infrastructure:


The group has a significant interest in the retailing of fine-quality women’s and men’s clothing and related accessories through its ownership of Queenspark, which operates a nationwide chain of Queenspark stores in South Africa, and has a retail franchisee operating in Kenya. Queenspark also operates retail stores in Namibia via Queenspark Namibia.

Founded in 1980, Queenspark is a leading South African fashion store specialising in elegant, fashionable womenswear, menswear and accessories. With a range of fashion-forward brands in its stable, Queenspark has something to offer everyone. Queenspark’s range transforms key fashion trends into wearable, modern, fashion looks.

The group also owns the cath.nic, Miss Cassidy, Queenspark Plus collection, J Crew and Private Label brands.


The group owns a portfolio of properties located in Cape Town. These properties are held either for the purpose of operations or for investment. Group properties utilised (or part-utilised) by the retail segment include the group’s head office premises and the distribution centre premises.

Water Infrastructure

The group owns a minority interest in South African Water Works Holdings (SAWWH), which is a 100% South African, majority black-owned, private water and waste water utility group operating via controlled subsidiaries, under 30 year water concession agreements in Mpumalanga and KwaZulu-Natal. Whereas the company’s economic interest in SAWWH is 15.6%, it controls 30% of SAWWH via a 52% owned subsidiary.

Information on the company's voting shares may be found at Rex Trueform Group (JSE:RTO).

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