Sebata Holdings Limited (JSE:SEB)

Greg Morris
Market Cap (AUD): 296.48M
Sector: Technology
Last Trade (AUD): 2.58 +0 (+0%)
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1. About

Sebata Holdings Limited (JSE:SEB) is an ICT company with four key divisions, namely software solutions, water technologies, consulting and ICT support services. These are primarily focused on smart city technologies and support.

The group's continued success is a result of staying true to its core business values. Proprietary intellectual property, strong fiscal disciplines, client engagement and attentive focus on details are the foundation of managing the consistent growth in its divisions.

Key Divisions:

Software Solutions

Sebata’s proprietary software solutions have been developed to improve and better manage its clients’ needs. The group specialises in enterprise management solutions, fresh market management solutions and revenue enhancement technologies.

Water Technologies

To ensure the sustainability of the planets scarcest resource, Sebata’s water technologies division has developed proprietary water management solutions that help monitor, measure and control the delivery of water to communities (public and gated) across the globe. Using its latest devices and platforms, water providers and users can now manage and better understand their water patterns.

Sebata Holdings has recently acquired a 30% stake in Pro Automation (Pty) Ltd, whose product and application – PoolSense – enables consumers to easily manage and analyse the quality of their domestic pool water without hassle.

Consulting & ICT Support Services

Sebata has developed in-house consulting services in the areas of financial services, strategy, asset solutions and training. All geared to providing its clients with assistance to enhance the technologies they utilise.

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