Sasfin Holdings Limited (JSE:SFN)

Michael Sassoon
Market Cap (AUD): 918.33M
Sector: Financials
Last Trade (AUD): 28.42 +0 (+0%)
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1. About

Sasfin Holdings Limited (JSE:SFN) is a bank-controlling company that listed on the JSE in 1987. Sasfin and its subsidiaries, notably Sasfin Bank Limited (the Bank), provide a comprehensive range of specialist financial products and services for Business and Wealth clients. This range of financial products and services focuses on the needs of entrepreneurs, corporates, institutions and high-net-worth individuals.

Sasfin is “beyond a bank”. The group challenges itself to create tailor-made products and solutions that suit its clients’ needs – whether they are entrepreneurs or investors. Sasfin goes beyond the traditional expectations of the financial services industry and strives to deliver solutions with exceptional personalised service.

The group's countrywide footprint and comprehensive range of products and services form a strong basis for growth in loans and advances to select businesses, and assets under management and advisement for investors, as it assists its growing client base while achieving acceptable returns on investment.

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