Steinhoff International Holdings NV (JSE:SNH)

Louis du Preez
Market Cap (AUD): 10.76B
Sector: Consumer Services
Last Trade (AUD): 2.5 -0.02 (-0.79%)
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1. About

Steinhoff International Holdings NV (JSE:SNH) is a global holding company with investments in a diverse range of retailers.

Steinhoff offers a wide range of household goods and general merchandise in Europe, Australasia, the United States and Africa. From big box destination stores and store-in-store concepts to focused speciality stores, Steinhoff’s goal is to make shopping as easy and convenient as possible. With more than 40 local brands in more than 30 countries, Steinhoff adds value to customers’ lifestyles by providing everyday products at affordable prices and serving customers at their convenience.

Steinhoff is invested in or fully owns the following retail operations:

Pepco Group

Pepco Group is a fast-growing, multi-format, pan-European discount variety retailer that offers shoppers everything they need across key general merchandise, apparel and FMCG categories. The group trades from over 2 800 stores in 14 countries, serving 49 million shoppers each month.


Conforama operates an extensive network across Europe, with stores in Spain, Portugal, Italy, Croatia and Serbia. Conforama’s core product lines comprise furniture, decoration, and a range of homeware appliances and electronic goods, employing a multi-style product strategy.

Pepkor Holdings

Pepkor Holdings Limited (JSE:PPH) is a South African non-grocery retailer with operations across four segments, namely clothing and general merchandise; furniture, appliances and electronics; building materials; and FinTech. With more than 5 400 stores operating across 11 African countries, their businesses include many of the most trusted brands on the continent. Pepkor gives customers access to value-for-money products and services at the lowest prices, and at their convenience.

Greenlit Brands

Greenlit Brands is an integrated retailer and manufacturer of household goods and trades from more than 300 stores in Australia and New Zealand.

Mattress Firm

Mattress Firm is the leading speciality bedding retailer with the largest geographic footprint in the United States. The company offers a broad selection of both traditional and speciality mattresses, bedding accessories and other related products.


LIPO is one of the largest furniture brands in Switzerland and offers customers everything they need to create a stylish, trendy home with guaranteed quality products at the lowest prices.

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