Spur Corporation Limited (JSE:SUR)

Pierre van Tonder
Market Cap (AUD): 1.82B
Sector: Consumer Services
Last Trade (AUD): 20.01 +0 (+0%)
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1. About

Spur Corporation (JSE:SUR) is predominantly a franchisor, leveraging its intellectual property, experience, skills and support infrastructure to manage franchised restaurant operations. The Group does not own and manage its restaurants in South Africa, the rest of Africa, the Middle East, Mauritius and Australasia. These are run by independent, entrepreneurial franchisees that pay the Group a franchise fee based on the turnover of each restaurant.

The Group aims to strengthen its presence in the various countries it operates through the development of improved logistics, pricing and raw material efficiencies as well as capitalise on economies of scale.

Franchise Management (South Africa)

The Group does not get involved in the day-to-day operations of the outlets, but maintains a high level of supervision across all restaurants. Experienced brand-specific operations teams provide ongoing support to franchisees in the following ways:

  • Managing the businesses.
  • Marketing support through the proactive identification of marketing opportunities and assistance in developing and implementing bespoke marketing plans for each restaurant.
  • Upholding the brand and product standards.
  • Ensuring that franchisees build and maintain successful businesses.


The operations management teams visit each restaurant at least once a month to perform inspections and assess the operations against predetermined standards. This covers everything, from food safety to regulatory compliance.

The development team manages the new franchisee process, from franchisee and site selection to store opening. They are also responsible for store relocations and refurbishments.


International Operations

Franchise management functions for Australasia are performed by dedicated regional franchise executives in Australia and New Zealand. In Australia, the Group operates franchised restaurants and limited retail outlets.

Franchise management functions for international territories (other than Australasia) are performed by the international head office.


The Group's Brands

Spur Corporation’s eight brands include Spur Steak Ranches, Spur Grill & Go, Panarottis Pizza Pasta, John Dory’s Fish Grill Sushi, RocoMamas, The Hussar Grill, Casa Bella and Nikos Coalgrill Greek.

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