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1. About

Tiso Blackstar Group (JSE:TBG) is a UK-based investment company with its roots in South Africa, operating market-leading broadcast and retail marketing properties. Tiso Blackstar Group’s brands create and deliver superior content, services and experiences. The Group is focused on creating value for its investors, clients and customers. The Hirt & Carter group is the biggest marketing solutions company for the retail sector in Africa. The Tiso Blackstar Group business model is underpinned by a unique network of assets, dedication to excellence and a strong entrepreneurial focus. The Group is committed to providing quality content and services to its varied audiences and customers and value to its investors.

Broadcast and Content

The Group's portfolio of radio and TV channels serve communities from all walks of life, providing the very best audience experience to all of its viewers and listeners. The Group's film and music businesses represent the best in local and international talent and entertainment. This includes:

Gallo Records

Gallo Record Company has been recording music since 1926. It is South Africa’s largest and oldest independent music label, having celebrated its 90th anniversary in the music business with a vast, rich and historic legacy music catalogue. Gallo Music Publishers represents, owns and administers one of the largest African copyright catalogues. It is also the local sub-publishing partner for Warner Chappell Music, which is one of the world’s five biggest publishing companies.

Marketing & Retail Solutions

Along with the leading retail solutions provider, Hirt & Carter, Tiso Blackstar Group also owns Uniprint, Silo and Paton Tupper. All these companies provide market leadership in retail marketing, bespoke design, cutting edge technology and industry innovation. Collaboration between these companies provides clients with opportunities for creative and technical innovation.

Hirt & Carter

Hirt & Carter creates impactful marketing campaigns for brands and retail. The company translates product concepts and brand messages into exciting and highly visible point of sale material and packaging. It extends and amplifies consumer engagement beyond the physical store using mobile and digital platforms. The company's range of services effectively enables it to communicate with consumers across multiple retail channels.


This business designs, manufactures and distributes a diverse range of print products and services to customers and institutions that typically have markets or networks throughout Africa. These products include cartons, self-adhesive and unsupported labels and a wide range of transactional forms including security, gaming and election ballots.

Paton Tupper

Having been in business for more than 40 years, Paton Tupper is one of the most respected and largest below-the-line agencies in South Africa. Top local companies look to them to make their brands come alive through advertising, digital marketing, instore marketing and point of sale design and production.


Silo provides the largest unified brand resource in the country, including up-to-date images and a full metadata solution extending to product and promotional data from manufacturers, retailers and wholesale trade. Their systems are cloud-based and enable customers to have access to accurate, real-time product imagery and content.

Non-Core Group Companies

The group also has business interests outside our main portfolio of brands. These businesses are operated and managed with the same enthusiasm and commitment to delivering the best possible product. This includes:

Kagiso Tiso Holdings Proprietary Limited

KTH is an investment holding company. KTH’s investments are in sectors that include media, resources, infrastructure, power and financial services and include a mix of both listed and private investments.

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