Transaction Capital Ltd (JSE:TCP)

David Hurwitz
Market Cap (AUD): 30.25B
Sector: Financials
Last Trade (AUD): 41.53 -0.42 (-1%)
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1. About

Transaction Capital (JSE:TCP) is an active investor in and operator of credit-orientated alternative assets managed by experienced entrepreneurial management teams employing a rigorous value-led investment approach to generate risk-adjusted interest returns & capital appreciation whilst delivering social value. Transaction Capital has two divisions:

SA Taxi

A vertically integrated business platform, providing a comprehensive financial, insurance and allied services offering to minibus taxi operators. The division offers a unique blend of vehicle procurement, retail, repossession and refurbishment capabilities with asset-backed developmental finance and insurance specifically designed for the minibus taxi industry.

Transaction Capital Risk Services

TCRS' diversified business model reduces concentration risk and supports performance in different market conditions. TCRS is diversified by business activity across collection, transactional and value-added services.

Within its most significant business activity, collection services, TCRS acts as both a principal in acquiring and then collecting on non-performing loan portfolios, and as an agent on an outsourced contingency or fee-for-service (FFS) basis.

With its business activities diversified further across various consumer related sectors, clients and geographies, TCRS' business model is defensive.

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