Telkom SA Limited (JSE:TKG)

Sipho Maseko
Group CEO
Market Cap (AUD): 18.5B
Sector: Telecommunications
Last Trade (AUD): 36.6 +0.4 (+1.1%)
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1. About

Telkom SA (JSE:TKG) is a leading information and communications technology (ICT) services provider in South Africa. The company's mission is to seamlessly connect people to a better life. The company carries this through in all its brands, whether at the consumer, business or wholesale level.

Telkom SA’s organisational structure includes the following business units:

Telkom Consumer (division)
Telkom Consumer includes both fixed and mobile broadband services as well as voice technology.

Openserve (division)
Openserve is at the heart of connectivity and has successfully built and run high-speed broadband networks that link banking systems, hospitals and schools.

Small and Medium Business (division)
Telkom Small and Medium Business focuses on small and medium-sized enterprises within Telkom and includes data and voice connectivity, information technology services and marketing services.

BCX (owned subsidiary)
BCX is Africa’s premier end-to-end digital solutions partner, and helps enterprises to future-proof their business.

Yellow Pages (owned subsidiary)
Yellow Pages delivers commercial search solutions and integrated, effective advertising and marketing, especially for the SME market.

Gyro (owned subsidiary)
Gyro is structured to provide three business services – masts and towers, property management services and property development. Certain properties and all masts and towers were sold to Gyro Properties and Gyro Masts and Towers respectively.

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