TeleMasters Holdings Limited (JSE:TLM)

Jaco-Muller Voigt
Market Cap (AUD): 59.11M
Sector: Telecommunications
Last Trade (AUD): 1.06 +0 (+0%)
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1. About

TeleMasters Holdings Limited (JSE:TLM) is a technology focused investment Company. Entities within the Group are complementary towards each other with a key focus on enhancing digital transformation, accelerating smart working environments and empowering the new ‘gig’ economy. The Group's vision is to create and accelerate shareholders value through responsible growth, acquisitions and investments. 

The Group consists of the following entities:


The company's passion to improve the human connection - over and above its technology offering - has become the underlying motivation for everything it does and offer. Catalytic is not just in the business of cutting edge technology – that’s a given. The company believes that telecoms serve only one purpose, To Connect! So, the company is actually in the business of connecting humans. It knows that every great business is built on great connections between great people. The conversation is human. The connection is human. As humans we facilitate our lives through the creation of things and tools. And – so easily overlooked – to be of use, all these tools must have a user. It’s never actually been about technology. It’s always been and still is about people. And that goes for telecoms too. 


The days of choosing a “reliable” technology vendor and then adapting your business around system capabilities are over. Technology must serve, enhance and simplify business - not the other way around. At Contineo Virtual Communications, the company's purpose is to facilitate the sharing of experiences by simplifying communications technology that enhance productivity and serve the demands of business by enabling faster and seamless communications.


At PerfectWorx, the company believes technology decisions should be driven by business requirements. The company endeavors to completely understand its customers’ business requirements and deliver technology that will work for them. PerfectWorx delivers complete technical solutions to its customers to maximize the value, efficiency and performance of their network assets.


ConexLink is a specialist in the ownership, operation and management of data centre environments, from micro data centres to larger high power density environments. ConexLink builds its facilities to exceed the usual industry norms and standards. The company believes that the environment should be flexible enough to handle the most demanding customer requirements. ConexLink provides a hybrid data environment accommodating carrier neutral managed co-location services.

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